Wallet Address & Minimum Payment

Step 1:

Choose corresponding coin types, and then open “Settings” page, click “Edit”.

Step 2:
Input your BTC/BCH wallet address;

Tips:Default minimum payment amount for BTC is 0.05BTC, for BCH is 0.001BCH, you can configure minimum payment amount and the minimum number should be over 0.001BTC;

Choose “Mining Coin”, two options: BTC, BCH;

Choose “Payment”, three options for BTC/BCH: PPS+, PPLNS, SOLO;

Step 3
Click “Save”. You will receive an AntPool Account Modify email send by [email protected] below.
Click the link in the email to confirm your settings.

Step 4:
Click Login again, back to the Settings and your wallet address has been successfully changed.

For your account security, wallet address can be locked.

If you want to unlock your wallet address, please go to our Zendesk support system: https://bitmainhelp.zendesk.com/agent/dashboard to submit a ticket to us.

You need provide your sub-account name the coin type that you are mining and the following information.

  1. A clear picture of an official photo identifications. This is usually a driver's license or passport, but can be any government issued picture ID.
  2. A picture of you holding the identification.
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