1.How to mine LTC ? Please visit ( for clouding mining and visit our official website ( for Antminer mining. For AntMiner mining, you should register on AntPool and create a sub-account (there’s no need to create workers).

2.How to configure LTC wallet address ? After you have a sub-account and a LTC wallet address, you should configure your AntMiner in the AntMiner configuration page. If there’s hashrate showing in AntMiner status page, so AntMiner is working well. Then you should login AntPool and configure your LTC wallet address under Wallet Adress. AntPool will pay out your earnings to this wallet address next day.

3.How to configure DOGE wallet address ? Step 1: Change the cryptocurrency to Litecoin, and configure Litecoin wallet address in the Settings page. Step 2: Visit Dashboard page, click Merged Mining, then fill in Dogecoin wallet address.

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