Payment Methods

AntPool supports fout payment methods: PPS+ (default), PPS,PPLNS ,You can go to "Settings" page to choose the method you prefer based on your risk tolerance.

PPS (Pay Per Share)

PPS refers to a reward system used by bitcoin mining pools, where you are rewarded for your hashing power on a share basis. Bitcoin miners do a much speeded up version of the sha256 algorithm outlined here. Depending on the difficulty of the sum being done, bitcoin mining pools will pay a fixed sum for successfully completed hash. The more power you have, the more shares you can submit per second.

PPS+ (Pay Per Share Plus Transaction Fee)

PPS+ is an enhancement of the conventional PPS method, with an additional allocation of transaction fees. With PPS+, the pool pays the miners for each valid share they submit – like the pool is hiring them, and therefore miners will enjoy a stable payout. The pool bears all the risks of bad luck and orphaned blocks, hence a higher fee. Transaction fees will be allocated to miners by PPLNS as below.

PPLNS (Pay Per Last N Shares):

PPLNS is calculated by the proportion of miners’ hashrates in the pool’s total in the last N difficulty rounds, when a block is found. Transaction fees will be allocated to miners too. The pool charges 0 commission fees for PPLNS payment method. With PPLNS, miners’ payout is connected to blocks found. Miners may face unstable yields but in the long run they will enjoy higher payouts.

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