Download and Install Antpool Application

First, go to this link:

Scan the following QR code and select the corresponding version according to your cellphone system (iPhone or Android).

Note for IOS users

Due to the security mechanism of IOS, the user who installs the "Antpool APP" for the first time needs to finish the system trust verification

a. Select [General] - [Device Management]

b. Select [Beijing Bitmain T...] and click “Trust” to complete verification

  1. Login Antpool account

Antpool shares a common account with Bitmain and Hashnest. If you already have a Bitmain account, please just log in directly. If you do not have an account yet, please go to the following link, and click the “Register” button in the upper right corner to register first.After you have an Antpool account to enter your email address and password in the APP and click login.

  1. Home

(1)Home - Currency Display and Switching

The currency displayed in blue at the top of the page is the present currency. You can add or delete the currency type displayed at the top of the page by choosing the "+" sign in the upper right corner.

(2) Home – Subaccount Overview

It shows the earnings of all sub-accounts, including authorized shared sub-accounts

[Pending Payment LTC] refers to the earnings that the pool has not yet paid to the user.

[Today Earnings LTC] refers to the mining earnings from 8 am (Beijing time) to now. For example, at 10:00 am Beijing time, it shows the earnings from 8 am to 10 am today.

[History Earnings] refers to the total income generated by the user in Antpool. Theoretically, Total Earnings= Payout/Withdrawl Amount + Pending Payment Amount.

(3) Home – Pool Hashrate Chart

(4) Home -Network Status

You can check Antpool statistics here, including total hashrate, total blocks and etc.

Pool Statistics- click to open to check the block history of Antpool, lucky value etc.

(5)Home -Stratum Server

You can find the three Antpool server addresses for current currency here.

Miner Configuration-click to open to view some basic tutorials of mining in Antpool.

  1. Hashrate

(1) Stick/delete/view Sub-account

Slide to left to stick or delete sub-account

The current hashrate and valid workers/total workers are displayed in the black area. Click the arrow to check the hourly/daily hashrate.

(1)Sub-account Details

Click sub account to jump to the next page to check the mining details

[Active] The works works normally

[Inactive] Workers went offline for more than one hour

[Offline]Workers went offline for more than 24 hours

  1. Earnings

It shows earnings of all sub-accounts, including shared sub-accounts.We will send you payments every 24 hours automatically after you set the wallet address on website.The payments will be made before 3:00pm (Beijing time) everyday.

You can switch date in the upper left corner.

[Today's earnings]refers to the mining earnings from 8 am (Beijing time) to now. For example, at 10:00 am Beijing time, it shows the earnings from 8 am to 10 am today.

[Paid] refers to user’s withdrawal amount

[Yesterday earnings]refers to the mining earnings from yesterday’s 8 am (Beijing time) to today’s 8 am (Beijing time).

  1. Mine

(1) Alarm (currently unavailable, will be on the line soon, please just stay tuned!)

Alarm is used to remind the user when the worker is offline or inactive.

By clicking “Setting”, you can choose responding coins and sub-accounts to set alarms.

Switch open the alarm and set the warning line, and then switch open [Push Message] to receive the reminder.

You can also set Gesture Lock or Fingerprint to protect account security.

You can always check the latest version of Antpool APP in by clicking “About us”.

(2) Other Gadgets

[Earnings Calculator] choose the coin type, input hashrate and commission, and then click calculation, you can get the theoretical PPS mining income

[BCH/BTC comparison] compares theoretical PPS+ daily earnings (1TH/s) of BTC and BCH.

[PPS+ earnings statistics] shows the ratio of PPS+ daily income

[VIP Requests] You can apply for VIP servers here if your BTC hashrate is higher than 1P and LTC higher than 10G.

After applying for VIP Address, the user can enjoy a private address(node), and the private address is stable, hidden, and free from attack.

If you have any suggestions when using Antpool APP, please kindly submit a support ticket here to feedback,

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