API Interface

AntPool API provide interface for query hashrate curve, block statistics, balance,mining coin type, modify wallet address and so on. It allows users to access and control their accounts using custom written software.

There are no extra terms and conditions if you want to use the API in Antpool. You should set up by yourself.

Step 1 Open this link https://www.antpool.com/user/apiSettings.htm , login your account, click "Dashboard" and "API".

Step 2 Enter allowed IP (Normally we don't recommend to enter, but depends on your own situation)

Step 3 Choose the permissions you want to have

Step 4 After you finish Step 2, click "Generate Key"

Step 5 After clicking the "Generate Key", there will be a data showing on "API list", there are two keys, the first one is public key, the second one is your own secret key, you should remember and write down the secret key.

Step 6 After you write down the secret key, click the green symbol of tick "√". Then your secret key will be hidden.

After all the settings, you can use API to monitor the working status of your machine.

For more details of the API function, please read the API Guide notifications in our website.

Error Status Code Description

Code Status Description
0 OK
-1 Unknown Error
-2 Invalid Parameter
-3 System Error
-4 Database Error
-5 Disable
-6 API Key Error
-7 Signature Error
-8 IP Error
-9 Permission Error
-10 User Error
-11 Worker Error
-12 Data Save Error
-13 Login Error
-14 Data Error
-15 Operator Error
-16 Notice Error
-17 Data Decode Error
-18 Nonce Error
-19 Wallet Address Error
-20 Token Expired Error
-21 Token Update Error
-22 User Coin Synchronization Error
-23 Token Check Error
-24 Coin Error
-25 Delete Error
-26 VIP Already Apply Error
-27 VIP Apply Error
-28 Email Not Exist Error
-29 Database Insert Error
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